Avinz Git manages computer code from users around the world. To experience computer code in all its facets and above all to enjoy the software masterpieces made with it. The Avinz Git archive is easily accessible. Since its inception, Avinz Git has aimed to be more than a treasure trove of rare and beautiful code. Every day, new code comes to life in the digital code-galleries on the website. Revealing new ideas and unexpected connections through time and across programmers and their cultures.


To connect all people with creativity, knowledge, ideas and, moreover, visitors among themselves. When creating interactions with visitors and computer code, we are inspired by dialogue with code experts and artists. We translate code in general into the present and the past. Computer code is so much more than a collection of lines about the splendour, which the world has given us. We are not only responsible for preserving, managing, but also expanding the code collection.

Avinz Git connects

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